[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

Are all yuor USB ports and uSD port empty? If not unplug it from power, take everything out and try again.

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Hi Sholander, thanks for taking the time. Yeah, all USB ports empty, no SD card, but it’s still the same: no HDMI signal to TV, tried two different TVs also now.

The power light is just blinking green. Can’t find any information on what a blinking green power light means.

Could be that the power adapter is at foult. Can you chech that it outputs 12 V under load, or try another adequate adapter?

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Does your TV register new HDMI device on chosen port when you power on the box ?

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I don’t have another adapter with the correct plug type unfortunately.

The two TVs I’ve tried do not register anything on the HDMI inputs when connecting the HDMI cable.

So it obvously does not initiate the boot sequence for some reason…
Maybe try hard reseting the box. I don’t know the exact procedure, but it usually goes like this:
Turn over the box and you’ll see 2 small holes. One is marked as Reset opening. Inside is a switch that can be pressed with an adequate pin (I use the pin that comes with cell phones to extract SIM Card drower). With unpluged box from power, lightly press this switch untill it clicks. Keep it pressed while powering on the box. Keep the switch pressed for about 15 seconds, and then release it. The box should go into hard reset, and maybe will boot after it finishes the procedure…

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Tried to do a reset but no change. As soon as power is connected the power light is blinking green and nothing happens.

Yeah, I think it’s a D.O.A. unfortunately.

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Hi, under Settings > System > Display … if we leave it at 1080p do we want to put refresh rate at 120hz if we have a 120Gz panel or leave it at the default 60Hz? I am using a a 4K 120Hz Sony TV with the Ugoos so would just like to know what settings are best (fastest) here. Thanks much :slight_smile:

That’s just GUI. I set to 1080p (to let TV upscale) and 120Hz so GUI feels snappier.


I just got my Ugoos AM6b+ from Aliexpress, loaded it up to check the firmware and it says… 0.5.4n

Is that “n” expected? I see references everywhere to 0.5.4 here and elsewhere but nowhere do I see anything about 0.5.4n?

I can confirm that I can dual boot install coreelec, installed PKC, and can get dolby vision on my LG CX. So uh it works… but I’m feeling quite nervous about security here as I see no reference to the n anywhere.

I don’t think it matters, you’re running CE and not android. Completely different OS.

Android no matters…
Since when installed the CE, I not booted back to that ancient android.


I ordered the AM6b+ from ugoos.store on Sunday, I haven’t had any dispatch emails and I’ve tried emailing them and no response.

Any one else had problems with them?

I wouldn’t worry.

It took over a week for them to ship when I ordered.

Okay, thanks for that. That’s good to know

Does anybody have issues with hdr movies? I have am6+ connected via avr to tv. For me the screen is very dark, you can’t see anything. My tv supports hdr and is android tv and on the kodi installed on tv everything plays smoothly.

After playback Dolby Vision video, Coreelec doesnt return to his normal display state and the colors of the kodi gui are not good. I need to reboot then its ok. Any ideas ?

Hopefully quick question.

Satisfied with the performance of my first box, I have ordered a second one, for a different room.

When using the backup and restore functionality from within CoreELEC, what exactly will I be restoring? Everything under /.storage?

If I have installed stuff from Entware, will it be there? Or will I need to reinstall everything?

The current installation would be a HUGE starting point, with just a few things to fine tune for the other installation.

(I do not have a centralized database, nor I’m interested in one, so there should be one layer of complexity less to worry about, I suppose)