Gxl_p231_1g_dvb.dtb not working from internal flash

I have AI pro Hybrid box. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001335327312.html
CE works on usb with dtb: gxl_p231_1g_dvb.dtb
(all are functional, DVB tuners, IR, front display)

today I performed installtointernal, no errors were shown, but the box do not boot (the screen is black).
the ssh is not accessible.
only Ethernet plug leds are blinking.

can anyone help me? thanks.

No support -> installtointernal
You have bricked the box and now You have to restore factory android ROM

Good luck

Before restoring android settings and abandoning the installation, try booting CoreELEC with microSD or USB flash and repeat the installation and perform installtointernal more times. On some of my devices I had to do installtointernal three times and let linux CoreELEC fix the errors. After more than a year everything is still working fine.

thanks. I will use the brick with a usb pen.

Which devices do you use?

I only had problems with my older devices from the year 2016 Acemax M12N with S912 processor - 2/16GB

Now they work very well

can anyone help me to create a recovery boot usb stick for this brick?
or to guide me understand/create custom “aml_autoscript”?

I have the original sw for the brick, in zip format, (s905d-9.0-dtv-2020-xx-xx-V000x.zip), that looks like a JAR archive

what is needed besides JAR arhive? maybe a recovery.img? or a factory_update_param.aml? which should be the content of the factory_update_param.aml??

Can anyone help me, please?

Thanks in advance.

If your TV Box is bricked, I only see two alternatives:

1.- Prepare a flash memory with CoreELEC and try to start your TV Box, if this does not work then …

2.- Obtain an IMG firmware for devices with dtb gxl_p231_1g_dvb (A1 Pro, Mecool KI Plus (S905D), Strong SRT 2402, …) and load it with a PC and a USB male to USB male cable. If the firmware does not match the device you have then your remote control will stop working, so use a generic USB remote control.

Thank you very much.
It is clear that I will go to solution 1.

Advice to all “A1 pro” future users: don’t use “installtointernal” command, because you will brick it (aka will boot only via USB port).

Thanks again @cubimol

Is there a solution for boot from internal, not from USB?

no… I did not find it
installtointernall is a big bullshit… forget about it

done it.

I pulled the /dev/mmcblk0 from a virgin box, then wrote it from CE with dd command.

now, can you explain the partition table for coreelec to boot from emmc? :-/ a.k.a. to create the partition table by hand.

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