H265: amcodec video artifact


Latest release matrix 19.4 h265 codec enabled and the video has artifacts, this happens with any h265 video.

Just to clarify.

This does not happen with either x264 or prior builds?

On first view of the footage, my initial thought was bad HDMI cable but if other footage plays OK or on previous builds then it would likely rule that idea out.

This happened with previous versions, not with x264. the cable was changed
It only happens if I enable amlogic hardware acceleration

You can upload 1 minute sample to check…

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This is a link of the file for testing

Plays perfectly for me.

On vim3l? Are you enable hw decoder?

On N2+ it plays fine.
Could be some HW issue with HDMI port/cable or some settings and your box.
If you have enabled “Disable GUI scaling” in settings then try to disable it and reboot.
Also you can try fresh install.

I tried everything, the artifacts only appear with the hardware decoder, on my vim3l

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