H96 Max RK3318 - Remote Control (Not Working) [LibreELEC]

hello, I installed Libreelec for my android box H96 Max RK3318, but unfortunately my remote control doesn’t work. I’m currently using a mouse with usb.

I found these 2 tutorials on internet:



Unfortunately neither works. Would anyone please advise how to set up the remote control to work? Thank you in advance for any advice.

I know it’s Libreelec, but no one has written me off on their forum yet and I haven’t found the CoreELEC version anywhere. Thank you in advance for any help.

  1. it’s the CoreELEC forum
  2. It’s not an Amlogic device
  3. LE do use a complete different Kernel so we are not able to help

So you have chosen support by taking LibreELEC and now you need to use what you get.
Ask on their forum, thank you.

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