H96 Max S905X2 working Coreelec

Answer to installtointernal question

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Devs have stated NO internal will be developed for these units.
Mine works very well from SD card…

Thanks for the replies. What can the 4GB RAM be used for then if we can’t install to internal to boot CE directly from internal memory?

Bazzle, how are you able to boot CE directly from SD without pressing the reset button in the AV hole?


Install to internal is nothing to do with your 4 GB RAM.

Pressing “Reset” button in AV port is only needed when first installing CE on an uSD card. After this only instance CE will always boot to uSD card automatically without the need to press reset button.

To explain it better the contents of aml_autoscript are saved to the env partition when pressing the reset button.

This partition is read by the bootloader at every boot up and contains the boot commands, that is why it is only needed once because once our modifications are saved then they are there forever unless you do a factory reset.

aml_autoscript contains some basic commands to tell the bootloader to try booting from USB/SD first before the eMMC.

I only had to do that the 1st time. Every other time it just works OK from SD card.

Thanks all for the tip. My H96 is rebooting into internal memory instead of the USB drive. But I will try again using a freshly imaged SD card instead of USB drive.

Any recommendations for a microSD card i.e. class, speed rating?

@pelican: just curious - why is does installtointernal have nothing to do with 4GB i.e. internal memory? I thought the purpose of the script was to copy the bootable CE image from SD to internal memory.

The 4GB RAM is not your internal memory in this context.
Internal memory is the emmc or nand flash.

@Bazzle Mate, on the whirlpool thread you mentioned you had your Harmony remote working with this box… Can you indulge me how you set this up? Everytime I try to set it up, It doesn’t recognise the unit as a media player, and thus, I cannot include it in Activities.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

For which model of Harmony Remote are you asking?

Ah, Apologies.
Its the Harmony 650, configured using the MyHarmony app.

I use my Harmony 650 remote on N2, previously used on my X92 box. Works OK on N2 using my configuration for X92. The only thing I had to change is learn my Harmony new ON/OFF IR codes from my original Odroid N2 remote control.
In this thread is the explanation how I did it.

I use an Harmony Hub remote ( Smart remote) but they should all be coded the same.
I set it up as a PC using Rockchip as the Brand.

Thanks @Sholander & @Bazzle.
Got it working, just need to do some tweaking. Cheers Guys! :slight_smile:

Still appears to be working OK.
Up to Nightly 20190824 atm. (20190831 now)
I dont use wireless so cant really comment on its stability.

I just reinstalled the latest nightly 0906 from a clean slate. I used the g12a_s905x2_4g.dtb and the remote.conf provided by bazzle. The box, remote, ethernet and wifi are working fine. However, the LED status light seems reversed - blue when off and blank when on. Also, once powered off using the remote I cannot power it back on with the remote - have to unplug/replug the power cable. I’m running from a USB thumb drive. Anyone experiencing this also?

My box is H96 Max X2 with 4GB.


powered off button on ir = sleep ( blue led)

OK, I see. How do I power it back on with the remote? Pressing the red button doesn’t turn it on.

You cant atm.
That part doesnt work. I leave mine on 24/7.
I have the power supply plugged into a smart switch so if it goes pear shaped I can remotely turn off/on with Alexa voice control.