H96 Max S905X2 working Coreelec

Follow on from here
)Support added for S905X2, S922X and A311D!(

Used nightly

Used device tree - g12a_s905x2_4g.dtb
Note correct device tree 1g had no Network?
Seems to run ok . Used it for 1 hour so far. Set audio to 2 channels and passthough on. Let your receiver amp decode audio streams.

Copy into root directory.
Thanks for the help from fellow posters in the top link you got me initially started.


edit: had wrong version above.

Thanks for the info for this particular box. :slight_smile:
What method did you use to get it to boot from the microSD?

Works both in the SD slot and both usb ports.
Matchstick or squared off toothpick into AV hole at rear.
Feel reset button click in, hold.
Turn on power supply at wall switch (easier than sliding in connector)
Hold button for about 10 seconds.
Coreelec powers up and does its stuff.

Updated to 20190731 using tar (and 2nd box it asked me if I wanted to upgrade :blush:)

What a change, different colour scheme, more power features, more audio streams :slight_smile:
Prob more I haven’t seen yet.

I ended up installing via ADB. Forced reset, and then all good.
I also got the update, albeit automatically. Looks good!
Now I just need to get the Netflix repo working! :wink:

Hello . Is ur wifi and bluetooth working now? .

Bluetooth and Wifi will only work on 0802 build.

Mine just updated to 20190802
Can see Bluetooth and wifi. Bluetooth when turned on ask for a bluetooth adaptor to be plugged in . I dont have one to try.
WiFi shows up but doesnt see my network yet?
Wired Lan works OK

was curious because @bazzle commented Got mine working 100% with CE. I thought may be his box had same name but diffferent internals.

@JohnBoyz this thread is for H96 Max not X96 Max, 2 different devices with 2 different wifi chipsets.

Apologies, I misread it … post deleted.

@bazzle please paste the following command on SSH and paste the link.

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio* | paste



This dtb still no network g12a_s905x2_4g_1gbit
Used dtb g12a_s905x2_4g to get Network LAN connection same as my 1st post.

@bazzle are you sure your device is H96 Max X2?

I also need dmesg|paste

If the 1gbit dtb is not working it could be that you don’t have a gbit device, I had 1 4gb device from Amazon that was also the same.


It came from Amazon AU.:rofl:
CPU_Z has it as an H96Max X2 (u211)


1gbit is for 1Gbit Ethernet. There’s no such thing as 1Gbit wireless.

I should know that… had a dumb moment , will edit, sorry. :grimacing:
23:00 here now, will look back in in the morning.

@bazzle please try the following build here, wifi and bluetooth should be working for you in it.

Changes will be included in tomorrows nightly so be sure to update to it after testing this build to continue receiving updates.

@adamg All works :slight_smile: Thank you.

Was mine as you suspected, not 1gb?
Is there still unknown sources switch?