H96 max x3 bootloader

on h96 max x3, i ve tried installing both on sd and usb.
“reboot update” from terminal gets me stuck to logo screen as if the bootloader is locked.

well, that was not the problem. the problem was that the installation page pointed to a wrong dtb.img file, i replaced it with one that has s905x3 4g 1gb and the device boots normally…

Hello, could you please point out where is the error in download page? We need to correct it.

glad to do so.
well, my product is
so i downloaded the h96 variant which has only the 2gb option. i used the suggested dtb file and the device failed to boot up.
only after using the dtb file that has s905x3+4g+1gb in its name, was it able to boot.
if you need any more clarification, feel free to ask. actually i think it s a shame you ve dropped the generic device section from downloads. cheers!

Please always look at the soc that’s presented to you in the dtb. There are dozens of different H96 with different socs. The one in the downloader isn’t the Max 3X, it’s the Max.

ok, thnx. so h96maxx3 is not officially supported?

There’s a list of supported vendors in CoreELEC website. All the other devices are capable of running CoreELEC and the team makes an effort to not leave any amlogic device behind. (Terms and conditions apply).

The device got added to the download manager at coreelec.org

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