H96 Pro+ installation problem and solution

My first post here, but thought I’d share my first-ever-installation story with all.

H96 Pro+ 3/16 s912 (LPDDR)
So I decided to give CoreELEC 9.2.0 a try, as I was already in the process of different roms checking.

My first encounter was with disregard to Installation Guide, as I wanted to check, if my old 8GB class 4 sd card could make it. No luck.
All I managed to do was to boot from sd to CoreELEC first boot screen where the magic started to happen - then reboot, again CoreELEC screen, this time with information about CE version aaaand… Reboot. Nothing really started, only constant rebooting.
Same story with my second sd card - same specs, only different brand.

So, to give it a third try I used my 128GB u3 class card. A bit to much, but it was closer to class 10 than previous picks.
Success, CoreELEC started and I was able to use it.

But losing 128GB for lighter system seemed wrong, so I bought 16GB class 10 card.
To my surprise, I wasn’t able to start CE.
Again, first boot screen, repartitioning, reboot, version info on a bootscreen and reboot, and reboot, and so on and so forth.
I was ready to give up, as I was not so desperate to use 128GB on CoreELEC, but I decided to try some older version, just to amuse myself.

ColreELEC 9.0.2 it was then, and… All went perfectly.
Class 10 Kingston sd card.
As auto-update was on, after a restart my CoreELEC .tar updated itself and now it’s running 9.2.0 version.
I have no clue why it did not want to install itself from the very start, but I’m glad it turned out ok in the end.

Just FYI - the cards were formatted in a corect way (rufus) and I chose correct dtb from a device_tree, so all should’ve gone flawlessly, only it did not.
But I thought I’d share this story with you guys, so maybe others facing similar problems do not give up their hopes easily :wink:

Also - commonly mentioned problem with having to power off the device to get into android dissapeared.
When I installed 9.2.0 it was indeed the only way to get into android, as CE freezed after choosing the option to close and reboot to regular rom.
On 9.0.2 there was no such problem, and after an update it was also fine on 9.2.0 - but only after an update from 9.0.2 -> 9.2.0


The same happened here. Needed to install 9.0.2 then update to 9.2.0.
Bad news: when updated to 9.2.1, video went bad, the subtitles appears both bottom and in the middle of the screen, shaking, etc