Hard reset


I wanted to reset CoreELEC to factory settings
I made har and soft, everything remained unchanged
all skins, addons, passwords, shh, nothing happens

If you want a clean start I would advise you to make a fresh install.

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ok thanks bro

Another option is to SSH to your device and do rm -rf /storage/.*; reboot

this is what I do, but I thought that in coreelec options it can be done without any additional commands

but there is no problem, it is not done on a daily basis

I have another question


Live TV:

How to set the decoding to be Hardware and not Software
On netflix I have SOFTWARE and it works fine but the processor has 75% to 100% and the temperature reaches 65 degrees

on live tv I have HARDWARE and it works stably there are no huge jumps on the processor and there are stable temperatures

my box is gtmini-a

Netflix is software decoded. That’s the only way in kodi.