[HARDKERNEL] Odroid N2 Notification of shipping delay

Just got my notification that my order has shipped. ETA Wednesday!!!

@rome1931 Which version? 2GB or 4GB?

(2) 4GB versions

2GB Order Shipping Notification Today.
Estimated Delivery Monday 15th April.

Would you mind telling me where you are ordering this?

I purchased it when HK were taking orders in late March for a delivery of 3rd April.
They’ve since stopped taking orders . Just an out of stock message.

Thanks for replying. Trying to purchase one of these but everywhere is waiting for stock, guess I will just have to wait.

@gregeeh If you pre order from Jiffy in AU
They don’t mention whether the power supply is included for the N2.
In the specs it reads recommended PSU.

@kostaman I was going to do that until I contacted them, Jiffy, and they have no idea when they will be getting stock. Also contacted HK who replied (did not expect that) and said they will not have stock until May. So I really don’t know which way to turn…

My reading of the AmeriDroid site suggests that, in addition to the SBC Module, you need to purchase the power supply, the case, and an eMMC module. I assume that is the same through other outlets.

The power supply is nothing special from what I can see, you could do without the case and a MicroSD card will also work. But with all the bits from HK or others it is something over $100.

The status of my 2GB version order changed to processing and odroid said at their forum that the shipping will start tomorrow

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Mine just says pending.

Says on the site, stock expected w/c 08/04/19

Got my order today.

My 4gb version delivery tomorrow, here in Brazil!

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After more details as was your request for Delivery and fees
I’m here too!

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DHL are faster than they expected : I will receive my N2 this afternoon instead of friday.

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[4/10 Update] ODROID-N2 will be back in stock next week. / ODROID-N2 다음 주 재입고 예정입니다.

I got my 2GB Ram N2 on Monday.
Just letting everybody know it’s Back in Stock at HK Direct.

Have you installed CE? Everything OK with the 2 GB version?

Just a couple so far here