Hauppauge WinTV dual-HD finally working for OTA

I had a battle trying to get my USB WinTV Dual-HD running without consistent dropouts and continuity errors despite an excellent signal. Sharing what I found for the next person trying this.

My Setup: Odroid N2+, CoreElec 19.2->19.3, TvHeadend 4.2, OTA antenna mounted outside

Fixes required:

  1. Get SNR & Signal Strength working: DVB Inputs → TV adapters. Select “Force Old Status” for each tuner
  2. Switch to bulk mode
  3. Remove extra OTA grabbers. Channel EPG → EPG Grabber Module. Remove all OTA modules you are not using. I removed all and am going with XMLTV in the US. This seemed to be the final fix that really smoothed out playback.

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