'Have you tried a search' prompt

One of the very useful features of the site is the search functionality that often seems under utilised, especially by first time posters.

So I wonder if, whenever there is a first time post that a prompt pops up to ask if they have used the search function before posting their new thread.

It could even perhaps be applied in a random fashion every so often for all users just as a gentle reminder of the function and it’s usefulness.

That’s a nice idea in general.
I’m not sure if it’s just too annoying. I mean, we have this discobot guiding new users their way into discourse. Furthermore while typing the text for a new topic, the system checks if similar topics are found and displays a text on the right side of the edit box (“Your topic is similar to”) containing a link to the other topic.

I just think that those users ignoring all this already existing guidance will just close such pop ups and continue typing the 1,000th post about a non working remote.

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