HD audio formats passthrough

Hi, I’m using CoreELEC 19.5 Amlogic-ng.arm architecture version on H96 max X3.
In audio settings I only have AC3 capable receiver and DTS capable receiver - there are no settings to pass through DD true HD or DTS-HD, these formats are output in stereo or transcoded to AC3.

Is there any way for me to enable support for the HD audio formats with CoreELEC?

If I boot slimbox rom on the same device, kodi that is installed there displays the HD capable receiver settings and the HD formats are outputted fine (at least Dolby TrueHD), so physically the device is able to passthrough the HD audio, but I’d like to use CoreELEC for that, if possible.

Edit: never mind, I had passthrough output selected to spdif (it outputs through both hdmi and spdif this way), when I changed output to hdmi - the HD audio passthrough options appeared.

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