HD channels are getting lag on S912 KIII Pro (Coreelec 9.2.3)

I tested in two KIII Pro S912, using TVH 43 and 42.

The HD channels start reproducing very well for about 15 seconds… After this, every 4 seconds will have a 1-second lag/freezing

If I use KIII Pro like TVH server, I will not have this problem to reproduce HD channels on other boxes.

CPU temp: 40°c

I can’t attach the log files because a had to create a new user to create this post and new users can’t attach files.

This is a very old problem that affects all amlogic hardware decoders in processors that use 3.14 kernel with some, but not all, HD streams. This is a good reason to choose amlogic-ng processors.

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That’s great to know that our problem is already identified. Here I have some HD streams with this problem, but no all HD streams.

Do you know which is the latest coreelec version before 3.14 kernel? Ow which coreelec version play all HD streams well?

I’m thinking to buy another tv box. I’m looking to buy S903x3 KM1 or S922 no brand. what do you think? Is it amlogic-ng processors?

Still not having any workaround for it?

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