HDMI + analog audio in parallel

Is it possible on Odroid N2 to have sound on HDMI + analog audio in parallel ? HDMI on TV, and on analog cinch audio towards HIFI ?

I maybe had some feature working here but I need more tests to be able to confirm it.

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Hi, I’m a proud and new user of Coreelec on an Odroid N2+ and I’d love to be able to output sound on HDMI and 3.5 jack at the same time, have you been able to test this feature? May I help in testing it?

I think it is quite pointless to do also. The two stream will never be perfectly in sync. And it is hard to see a valid use case here, rather being a poor setup needing revisit

Not a planned feature. It should work this way on the old Amlogic kernel (with S905X generation devices).
In Amlogic-ng the audio driver is configured differently, and as mentioned, I don’t see how this is useful.

For a quick fix you could put a HDMI audio extractor in line. This passes through the HDMI still with audio and also gives an analogue output.
Something like the below maybe:

Thanks @alexbudd, I’ll go this way if there is no other possibility.

As my use case it may be rare but I think other can relate: I use coreelec as a player for movies & tv shows with hdmi and as a player for music on jack output so I can keep my TV off when listening to music. I don’t care if the two are in sync.

Is there a software way to tell coreelec to play videos (with sound) on hdmi and music on jack?

As I found a way to switch audio source automatically and/or using a remote I thought I should share it here : https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Audio_Profiles

I’m doing the same thing on odroid n2 but I’m not using coreelec, I’m using an ubuntu minimal distro (without desktop environment).
I use odroid on my tv with kodi (kodi output is locked on HDMI for video/audio) and I setup airplay (only audio with shairport-sync) and bluetooth audio (bluealsa-aplay a2dp-agent) to stream audio from my mobile phone(s) to odroid, and this audio is routed though analog output and the analog output is connected to my main stereo
basically these daemons uses alsa (not pulseaudio) configured to use analog output, and they’are not kodi’s addons (I switch off/on kodi based tv status so when tv is off kodi is not running)
I don’t know if You can do the same on coreelec, I don’t know if the services can be used in this environment

I do realize that this is quite an old thread - however I did want to add a couple of bits of info:

  1. Use case - for me the use case is having the HDMI go to my home theater setup, but having the 3.5 jack going to a bluetooth transmitter that connects to a speaker in a different room. This allows you to hear the show in both rooms (and if the audio isn’t exactly in sync, it isn’t really a concern).

  2. Is it possible? Well, I am able to achieve this using CE on a Minix NEO U9-H (S912). That’s how I stumbled onto this thread, as I was looking to see if I could replicate my existing setup onto an N2+. To be fair, I have no recollection any more as to what I did to make it work on my NEO.

The way that the audio sub-system is implemented in the 4.9 kernel doesn’t allow for this.

Fair enough. I appreciate the confirmation that it just won’t work.

In that case I need to redouble my efforts to find an alternate (low cost) solution that lets me have the audio in two place at the same time.

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