HDMI + analog audio in parallel

Is it possible on Odroid N2 to have sound on HDMI + analog audio in parallel ? HDMI on TV, and on analog cinch audio towards HIFI ?

I maybe had some feature working here but I need more tests to be able to confirm it.

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Hi, I’m a proud and new user of Coreelec on an Odroid N2+ and I’d love to be able to output sound on HDMI and 3.5 jack at the same time, have you been able to test this feature? May I help in testing it?

I think it is quite pointless to do also. The two stream will never be perfectly in sync. And it is hard to see a valid use case here, rather being a poor setup needing revisit

Not a planned feature. It should work this way on the old Amlogic kernel (with S905X generation devices).
In Amlogic-ng the audio driver is configured differently, and as mentioned, I don’t see how this is useful.

For a quick fix you could put a HDMI audio extractor in line. This passes through the HDMI still with audio and also gives an analogue output.
Something like the below maybe:

Thanks @alexbudd, I’ll go this way if there is no other possibility.

As my use case it may be rare but I think other can relate: I use coreelec as a player for movies & tv shows with hdmi and as a player for music on jack output so I can keep my TV off when listening to music. I don’t care if the two are in sync.

Is there a software way to tell coreelec to play videos (with sound) on hdmi and music on jack?

As I found a way to switch audio source automatically and/or using a remote I thought I should share it here : https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Audio_Profiles

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