HDMI CEC ans Samsung TV remote (arrow keys)

I am using Coreelec with Tanix TX9 box and Samsung TV remote (older TV, full remote-black one with illuminated keys). Tv Box is connected to AV receiver Yamaha (HDMI cable) and the AVR is connected to the Samsung TV (also HDMI cable).

Recently (appx. two months ago), arrow keys,OK button, stopped working. Other keys work OK. These keys work OK when I control TV itself, they do not work only in Kodi.

What is strange, when I control Kodi with Yamaha RC (also HDMI-CEC), it works perfectly. So I supspect/guess the problem is in some HDMI passthrough (?)

Anyone having the same problem ?

I installed the Keymap editor and it is not detecting arrow keys from Samsung RC, but it is detecting arrow keys from Yamaha RC.

I tried changing HDMI cables, restarting TV and AVR - no change.
I would appreciate any advice.

Try to connect AVR to TV and TV box also. Then use ARC from the TV to transfer the audio data to the AVR. A combination of TV box -> AVR -> TV mostly does not work with CEC as every vendor/type does handle CEC different.

Thank you for the response. I’d been using it without problems for two years, until recent Coreelec update.
I haven’t upgraded firmwares/cables neither on TV nor AVR.
I will try your advice, also I will test the remote it with RPI3 and Libreelec

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