HDR Movie on non-HDR TV - S905X

I have two TVs, one with HDR and one without.
And a X96 with the s905x chip.
An HDR Movie on the HDR TV works perfectly. But on the non-HDR TV, I have a bad picture, it is darker and the colors are pale.
I own a Zidoo X10, where you can turn off HDR in the Settings, if i do so the picture gets perfect on the non-HDR TV (like on the HDR TV).
Is there a way to turn off the HDR on the s905x Box?
Are there any other solutions.
I hope someone can help.

Can you try the latest nightly and see if you still have the same issue, thanks.

I tried, same problem!

I also tried some of these commands:
echo ‘444,10bit’ > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr,
none of them helped.

Can you upload a sample of the video please

I did a few more tests. And now I have found the real problem: I think it’s not a HDR problem it is only that a 4k-HDR-Movie is much darker than the same Movie without HDR (BD-Movie).
I did not notice it because I have different settings for HDR in my HDR TV (own for HDR), and I had brightened up the picture there.
I tested to adjust the picture on the non-HDR TV so that the picture is reasonably good.
But then if I play a non-HDR Movie it is too bright of course.

could I ask to maybe stupid question: Is HDR movie -> Odroid C2 -> non-HDR TV even possible? Or HDR content needs HDR display, no color conversion possible nowadays?

I will do more tests today with 420/422/YUV/RGB, but from quick glance yesterday I found colorspace is way off with 10b HDR (Netflix). I have 709 projector, and older TV).

HDR -> SDR is not supported in AMLogic. Thats why all the colors look weird.

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Thank you for clarification. No need to do other tests then, no HDR for me :slight_smile: I think we could mark this thread resolved then :slight_smile:

P.S.: A bit offtopic, but just for completness - as owner S905 device, with HDR TV/Display would be possible to get HDR playback with C2, right?

The C2 can’t output HDR signals.
You need an S905X/S905D/S912 device.

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