HDR Newb Question

Hi All,

I’m a longtime Kodi user via OpenELEC and LibreELEC, however, I’m new to both CoreELEC and 4K/HDR. I’m using an Odroid N2 and I’m trying to understand whether it will support HDR and HDR+. I have read through a bunch of posts, but they reference different codecs and kernels and I’m getting pretty confused…

Can somone fill me in, or point me to a post that would, on what I need to know about Kodi/CoreELEC and HDR/HDR+ content, as it currently stands?

I’m contemplating upgrading my TV to an LG C9 and don’t want to pull the trigger until I understand the state of things on Kodi/CoreELEC

At the time of writing, the status is as follows:

  • HDR10 works fine
  • HDR10+ plays in HDR10 mode (static metadata)
  • The LG C9 doesn’t support HDR10+ anyway, but it’s a great TV :slight_smile:
  • HLG works
  • Dolby Vision is not supported. We’re uncertain whether DV is even possible on SoCs that are not DV certified, such as the ‘standard’ S922X.
  • There is currently no HDR support for YouTube/VP9.2 codec.
  • Make sure that you have a quality HDMI cable (Amazon Basics, Monoprice/Club3D Premium High-Speed Certified are all cheap and good cables)

This deserves own Sticky I guess :slight_smile:

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Just a clarification @thecoolest, you say no VP9.2, but I am able to play them just fine on my N2 (using nightlies). What gives?

I said that there is no HDR support for VP9.2 content, not that VP9.2 is not supported.

Doh! Thanks for that