HDR not working


I have a Sony TV 4k HDR and a s905x3 Android box.

Version of CE: 19.2rc2

I have installed it into sdcard.
Boot : OK
Kodi : OK
Lan : ok

But when I play an HDR movie it’s dark.

(During test i always reboot to take effects)

My TV recognize the HDR stream because i can switch between HDR intense or normal HDR.

I have check HDR to SDR into CE but it’s the same, my TV see 4k HDR movie but it’s dark.

I have check the subsampling 4:2:2 into CE but it’s the same.

I have check with sdr to HDR into CE and coreelec stay dark not only into movie.

I have test with 9.2.7 and it’s the same.
I have test with 9.2.0/3 but the box don’t boot into CE

When i put the movie directly to USB TV it works.
The hdmi câble is good (have 2 4k HDR câbles, premium High speed).

I don’t know what to do more and search help.

  1. Which model is your TV? (full model please)
  2. Do you have an AVR?
  3. Make sure that the HDMI port is HDMI 2.0 capable.
  4. Make sure that HDMI 2.0\HDMI Deep Color\Whatever Sony calls this is turned on for the HDMI port you have the box connected to.
  1. My model is KD-49XE7077 (HDR, yes not HDR10+)
  2. Yes i have avr denon nr1402 but i use it with hdmi arc because it don’t support HDR.
  3. On the box i dont know if HDR capable but normally it is (s 9 max)
    On the TV it’s port2 or 3 and its HDR capable
  4. Yes i have activate the 10bit/4:2:2/4:4:2 on HDMI ports (2/3).

(If i can select HDR intense or normal on TV so it recognize the 4k stream else it’s not 4k stream and dont sée HDR intense/normal)

Sorry, I don’t have much experience with Sony TVs and HDR, but you are not the first person to complain about it.
If the TV switches into HDR mode, there’s no problem with CoreELEC.
All S905X variants support HDR.

Does the original box firmware impact coreelec ?
Maybe there is log i can send you ?

  1. No.
  2. Run dispinfo while playing HDR video and post the link.


This looks right to me.
We’ll do some internal testing to see if CE still correctly outputs HDR metadata to verify that on CE side all is ok.

Tell me what to test :wink:

If you happen to have a HD Fury Vertex, I can tell you what to test.

Sorry i can’t :frowning:

I hope you will do jour tests soon :smile:

The tests are just to verify and confirm that CE outputs the correct HDR metadata, but I’m sure it does this correctly already. This means that it’s very likely that there’s not much we can do about your issue.

I have my answer :

When i see the movie, i see a différence between USB of TV ans box s905x3.

When i go to parameters of TV image it show HDR… OK

But i have saw those parameters are not the same directly from TV or from HDMI.

I have thinking there is no difference of the parameters of HDR from each source but i was wrong.

All HDR parameters of my TV are differents from sources.

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