HDR on Odroid N2

I’m running the latest CE nightly on my new Odroid N2 and have been exploring its HDR capabilities.

First, the good news: I’m able to display 4k HDR (HLG) Live-TV streams correctly on my LG OLED. They are sourced from Astra 19.2E via a SAT2IP server, Tvheadend backend and the pvr.hts frontend included in the CE nightly. The stream is hardware-decoded using the am-h265 (HW) codec.

Now, the problem: I’ve installed the latest youtube / inputstream versions to see what they can do. I’ve been able to play 4k youtube videos, but they don’t display in HDR. They are hardware-decoded using the am-vp9 (HW) codec. Is this a problem with my settings, or a known problem and WIP?

HDR isn’t supported on Amlogic with the VP9.2 codec.

OK, thanks. Is that a “not yet” or “never will be”?

All I know is that it never worked, but I’m not sure where the limitation is.
If it’s in kernel, then it’s possible we will be able to solve this. If it’s in one of the blobs from Amlogic, then it depends solely on them.

Right, so maybe not entirely in your hands. OK, got it. Will stop trying and watch the news. Thanks again!
You guys are doing great work. Switched from a Haswell NUC running LE to the N2 running CE and love it! Cheers!

On Android, VP9.2 with HDR plays correctly. In the smartyoutube app. However, in KODI, the youtube also does not have HDR support. The developer of the YouTube plugin answered me that the reason is kodi, and perhaps this will be fixed in version 19 of kodi

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