HDR to SDR doesn't seem to work


I have Coreelec on an Odroid N2+, I use a BenQ W1090 as my display. It is sdr only.

When I play HDR content, the image is completely washed out, it’s even difficult to see anything.
I tried activating HDR to SDR in the settings, but I don’t see any visual difference.

How to be sure it is working? What can I do to avoid this effect?

Thanks in advance, have a great day

The best solution is obvious, don’t play HDR content in SDR. The tonemapping is fine in some situations but in others is terrible. There’s not much you can do besides tweaking with all the options available in the video section of settings.
And to reinforce the first part, if your main display isn’t HDR, don’t try to play that type of content, the quality will be worse than SDR.

My problem is that I’m playing from my jellyfin server, and I have both hdr and sdr displays. So that would mean giving up on hdr for all my hdr displays.

On my sdr laptop, when I play the same hdr file, it looks much better. What could be making it look good on my pc?

Would there be some solutions like a manual tone mapping profile that could get applied or things like this?

Do a search for tonemapping on the forum.

This has been discussed a lot and the best thing that I can say is to give up now as far as finding a definitive solution.

Your best bet, even though even this will not yield what you want is to adjust settings on your display.

If you use an X86 based device with Kodi then there is a reasonable tonemapping setting but it does not and, from my understanding, cannot be applied to CoreELEC.

I think the best option in that situation is to have both Rec 709 HD SDR and Rec 2020 UHD HDR versions of the content on your server - that way you will get optimum Rec 709 SDR on your SDR displays, and optimum Rec 2020 HDR on your HDR displays.

Tonemapping from HDR Rec 2020 wide colour gamut and a PQ EOTF to the narrower Rec 709 gamut with and SDR Power law or BT.1886 EOTF is never going to be a great solution (my UHD Blu-ray player tonemapping is not something I’d want to watch a movie in…)

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