Hdstar Dvb-s2 v3 and Coreelec

hi there. my mecool k3 pro’s internal tuner is broken so im using this device on the latest coreelec. crazycat drivers recognize the device but there are so many contiunity errors and low signal on a lot of channels that it is basically useless.the latest kernel drivers don’t recognize the device. is there any way updated drivers for the device can be streamlined to coreelec?

I believe that you need a driver with those changes to properly support HDStar V3.

I made a backport patch of that commit for amlogic’s kernel 4.9 (I only build tested it).

As far as I understand Mecool k3 pro does not support -ng builds and use kernel 3.14. You can try to backport it for kernel 3.14.

wish i could. i have a very limited knowledge of coding or compiling. can somebody help?

@cdu13a @Shoog @Portisch @kostaman can any of you please patch the old kernel with the patch mentioned above and make a test build? i will be more than happy to test.

Feel free to create a pull request for the 4.9 kernel.
Active development of 3.14 got stopped a while ago.

@smp is there any chance you can apply the same patch to the old kernel please?

It was kinda pain in the ass to figure out the build errors when applying it to 4.9.
I suspect it’s gonna be much worse with 3.14.
I may take a look at it at some point but no promises.

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