Heat Sink Options - Cooling Solutions

What are the best type of heat sinks for Amlogic chips? Is it also worth putting heat sinks on Ram and emmc?

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True but any heat sink is better than none right?

Looks substantial and if it does what it should it can only improve performance.

My story is that I modded my old MXQ’s (S805) a year ago with self adhesive heat sinks and it made quite a difference in temps and reduced random judders to almost zero. So as I’m thinking of getting an S905X3 box I’ve decided that modding the CPU is a must to get the best performance. If I buy a box and still get random judders I’ll be more than depressed!!!

I would just bite the bullet and buy an NVIDIA Shield if I had confidence that it would provide the performance I want. They’re not cheap and I’m not rich enough to be complacent with my spending especially with the looming financial chaos to come!

Anyway, for clarity, I was wondering about heat sinks for boxes that for some reason don’t have a heat sink or have a badly implemented thermal solution, which is most boxes! Will read bubblegum57’s thread and see what that says.