[HELP] [0x30405004]UBOOT/Partition _aml_dtb/Verify patition/Error result

please could someone help me solve this error “[0x30405004]UBOOT/Partition _aml_dtb/Verify patition/Error result”
the android tv box is a "stv-2000(mxq pro s905w)
it starts updating the firmware, but out of nowhere it stops at 9%
I believe that the problem was due to the fact that it turned on the blue light, but then it got the red light and it should have the blue light
you may think the problem is in the firmwave, but in fact the firmwave is from the company (aquário)
it only works the usb port next to the av the others turn on the device, but does not recognize on the pc.
I have a video showing the problem but I cannot post.

then still some incompatibility problem with the image file. If it’s s905w, you could try a clone image (Tanix TX3 Max f.i.). Then it’s the question whether wifi/lan/remote will work, but you can figure that out.

it doesnt work

maybe it has something to do with the usb power. Then you would need a usb port with more power.

well it’s not the usb power I already use a supply power.