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I’ve been trying to compile the pvr.stalker addon with my tiny code change for the last 2 days but have had no success - I’ve tried on numerous Ubuntu distros (20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS).

Steps I’ve taken:

  1. Forked pvr.stalker, made my code change & created a new release: Release 20.3.1-Nexus-Patch · joeh90/pvr.stalker · GitHub
  2. Forked CoreELEC, made my changes to in coreelec-20 branch: Update · joeh90/CoreELEC@e03f712 · GitHub
  3. checked out the relevant coreelec-20 branch with my changes on it locally and run .scripts/create_addon pvr.stalker

I’ve followed the guide on the wiki and tried above step 3 with various ARCH, DEVICE & PROJECT flag values.

The first attempt was without setting any flags, in Ubuntu 22.04 I got all the way to the last cmake build step for the addon and got a “cmake Could not find LibXml2” error - I tried sudo apt install libxml2-dev as seen on other forums but no had luck with that. I don’t know how to adjust things so that libxml2 can be found?

I also tried with ARCH=arm, and both DEVICE=Amlogic-ng and Amlogic-ne (per my device’s cat /etc/os-release values: VERSION=“20.2-Nexus”, COREELEC_ARCH=“Amlogic-ne.arm”, COREELEC_PROJECT=“Amlogic-ce”, COREELEC_DEVICE=“Amlogic-ne”).

My cmake knowledge isn’t great, so I’d really appreciate someone’s help in getting this working, or if you have a working environment if you’d be able to compile my pvr.stalker version for coreelec-20 Amlogic-ne that’d be amazing!

Many thanks

In pvr.stalker package you have to add libxml2 package to PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET.

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Brilliant. Thanks so much for the help and compiled version, really appreciate it!

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