Help setting up Amiga Emulator PUAE


Ive installed PUAE from the CoreElec Repository, Ive had a google and read that the Kickstart Rom needs to be placed in a folder - it seemed to suggest

I dont have a system folder in that location so I created it in the resources folder, I also copied over a .ROM file for Kickstart and placed it in the system folder, as well as in the resources folder, I also placed it twice in each folder, once with the .rom extension and once without it. When I start PUAE I just keep getting Kickstart ROM ‘KICK34005.ROM’ Not Found! - Presumably Im doing something wrong, where should I stick the Kickstart file, do I just need a Kickstart ROM (I seem to remember thats all I need to play games, to get the OS I would use a workbench disk) and also, when this error comes up, how do I exit PUAE? It just seems to hang my system for about 5 mins!

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