Help to power on with Odroid-N2

Hello, I have just bought an Odroid-N2 and loaded coreelec no problem. I previously was running a celeron NUC with openelec on it. I have a logitech harmony remote that i had configured for the NUC and it works well with the Odroid. I have adjusted a couple of things using keymap editor which works well. The only thing I cannot do is power on the Odroid. I read this: How to configure IR remote control but am really not understanding what to do.

My level of skills in this area are limited. Is there anyone who can help explain the steps here for a noob! thanks

Well, just to avoid any hassle, and before that “How To” was written, I bought original Odroid IR remote
and just directly copied Power_ON IR code from it to my Harmony 650 remote. Works perfect…

hey Sholander. Yeh wish I had of done that! Is there anyway i can get the code into my harmony without actually having the remote? thanks

The only other way is to follow “How to configure IR remote control”. I have not tried those methods and don’t know if “Power ON/OFF” is covered with any of them…

The Odroid wiki lists the below information for the remote power key:

Button IR code Scancode Android

If you can manually input this information into your remote it may work.