Help with a different type of hardware

Hi I know this forum is specifically for coreelec and media boxes but I’m hoping your knowledge might be able to help with a problem I have. It’s with a android car headunit with a mtk8783 processor, it runs android 9 but the USB port isn’t working it has 5v and will charge devices but android will not recognise anything I plug in. I’ve enabled developer settings and changed usb mode to MTP and enabled usb developer mode but it still won’t recognise anything I plug in. The product is from China and their advise was basically that I’m not plugging the usb stick in properly so help from the vender is not a option.
Does anybody have any advice as to what I should be looking at or testing next or any steps I can take that you think could help?
Thanks in advance
-mods I know this isn’t related to the forum I didn’t know where else to post it but I know there’s a lot of knowledgeable members and mods I hope could help

Photos taken from usb device info app hopefully they help somebody to help me

Are you sure that the cable you are using is not a charging_only cable. Did you try with different full wired cables?
Btw, which device are you using, model and make?

Freaktab is an ideal place to post the question and I remember people posting in the past about car setups, so definitely worth asking.

xdadevelopers is another very useful place for questions about boxes and I know that mediatek chipsets are discussed on there a lot.

I checked the connections into the main connector block and the usb cable has the red/black/white/yellow cables for power and data
The unit is a aotsr zw8805-a

Thanks @Compent I’ll have a search on those to see if I can find anything