Help with audio 5.1

Friends, I’m trying to configure the coreelec for 5.1 audio output on my smartv LG8000 series.

The odroid n2 is connected in hdmi arc and I followed all wiki settings:
coreelec:audio [CoreELEC Wiki]

The receiver is a Yamaha 373, which does not support HDR or new technologies. Then I connect it by the optical digital output of the tv.

On youtube the tv presents audio 5.1 normally. In the videos by coreelec, the audio is 2.0. No matter the codec (AAC, AC3, DTS etc)

Passthrough enabled?

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Lg does have problems with passing through audio. All you can expect from it is dolby Digital or dts Core If your TV supports passing through bacause you’re using optical output :wink:

Never heard 5.1 from YouTube. Can you share some link with dd audio from YouTube?

In Kodi / Settings / System / Audio:
Set “Audio output device” to AugeSound HDMI.
Set “Number of channels” to 2.0
Set “Audio Passthrough” to Allow passthrough
Enable all audio formats your AV receiver supports.

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As if by magic, WORKS!!!


Also AAC format is fine!!

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