Help with Moving Odroid N2+ Install to eMMC

I’ve just received my Odroid N2+ which came with Android installed on the eMMC. I’ve installed on and SD and booted from it successfully.

I want Coreelec to be moved from the SD to the eMMC and Android totally wiped but when I run ceemmc -x I get the following error.

eMMC size: 0x0003a3e00000 [16GB]
Partition ‘/dev/reserved’ does not exist!
Failed to read original partition table!

Can anyone help?

Wrong command, You have to use installtoemmc for N2

Thanks for the quick reply.

I get the following if I try installtoemmc

This script is only for Odroid N2. It won’t work on other devices!

Odroid N2+ is very new, maybe the script must be modified by the devs

Other option You can install CE directly to eMMc module using USB-eMMc adapter

I knew I should’ve got a USB-eMMC adaptor with my N2+.

Thanks for your help, I’ll post over at the N2+ thread.

installtoemmc now works on the N2+ with 9.2.4 :grinning:

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