Help with VFD on Tanix TX9 Pro

First of all I would like to thanks your community and all of you for your hard work.
As the title say, I cannot do anything to make the LCD of the TX9 pro to work.
I follow word by word the How to instructions from adamg post without any luck.

The LCD of Tanix TX9 pro is stacked at boot logo and not showing any other information.
I have installed the latest 8.95.3 coreelec on my box and I use gxm_q200_3g DTB without any problem.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Please reboot the box and post dmesg and systemctl status openvfd logs.

@TheCoolest Thank you for your help.
I will post when I will be back to home later in the afternoon.

Sorry but I have a question.
If I did not misunderstand Ι have to ssh the command dmesg and
the command systemctl status openvfd and paste the results?

Yes, you need to SSH into the box.
Then you can run the following command, and it will return a URL that will contain the output as text, so you won’t have to copy paste it.
dmesg | paste
systemctl status openvfd | paste

Now before that, did you get the tx9-pro-vfd.conf file, rename it to vfd.conf and place it in the Configfiles (/storage/.config) folder?
And are you using a DTB from the SD card or did you download it from somewhere else?

Τhank you again for the clerification and for your kindly effort to help me solve my problem.

Yes I get the tx9 pro vfd.conf file and I renamed it to vfd.conf and also copy that in Configfiles folder with Samba.
Also I am using a DTB from the SD card folder which was inside the corelec after burning the SD card.

I just found a post in corelec forum from a guy that has a similar problem with me and Ι suspect that maybe I dowloaded the tx9 pro vfd.conf file with the wrong way (contains html??) I will double check it when Ι’am home and I will inform you.

always download a ZIP from Github and extract files from the zip.
I many times had problems after downloading files directly

Yes, you need to open the file in github, then click on the Raw button and then Save As,

Thanks for the info guys!!
I think that I dowloaded it directly not from the zip and not from the Raw button…

I beleive that this is the problem who made the LCD not working…
I will check it and I will inform you.
Thanks again!

The LCD of my tanix TX9 pro works like a charm!!!
After the correct way of downloading the vfd.conf file everything is OK!!
Many thanks for your help and your advice.