Hevc_qsv files shudering when you skip in the middle of the file


In the new version of CE 8.95.1 files encoded with hevc_qsv skip and shudder if you jump into the middle of the file.

I thought it was all x265 content but now I am pretty certain it is just intel hevc_qsv encoded stuff. Now I have bought a new box so I can do some testing as the other one is in almost constant use.

If you play the file from beginning to end it plays fine but if you jump forward the picture goes wacky.

Below is a link to a 1 minute clip that causes the issue.


The file plays correctly on Libreelec, The older versions of coreelec and windows.

I have about 50 files encoded using this codec I can re-code them if it going to be a problem going forward. I was hoping to use this codec for all my stuff eventually as its 5 times quicker than x265.

Also I have added DEBUG logs for the file playback


I have bought 3 boxes to try an a95x r2 an x96 mini and a generic s912. Over the weekend I will try the other boxes and let you know the results of testing.

PS the initial tests were done on a95x

Just to let you know this issue was not fixed with 8.95.2.

Also the files play back properly with hardware decoding turned off.

And finally if you play the file skip to say 10:00 in and the picture goes wonky if you stop go back to the selection then resume where you left off it plays OK unless you seek/skip again.
So its only skipping that sends the picture wonky. I can only assume that the adjustment to the buffering of HEVC files introduced in 8.95.1 has introduced this anomaly.

does it work fine on 8.95.0?

Those changes will be reverted in the next version, please try the nightly to see if the problem is resolved.

Thanks I will set my test box up with it tonight.
I re-encoded about 50-60 items with x265 just in case there was not going to be a fix.

Does the reversion break other things? Or mores to the point did its introduction fix other things?

The main benefit for me of hecv_qsv will be on 4K content but I am not having too much success. If I use x265 my TV and CE detect that it is “PQ” Content and the colours are correct If I use hecv_qsv the TV player works with it ie its detected as “PQ” but if I play it with CE it doesnt switch to “PQ”. Media Info says both files are PQ. I am not certain but I think CE is looking for the PQ flag in the stream whereas the TV sees it in the Header. I need to spend some time investigating it to be sure. I thought of a workaround for now but its not pretty, using HDMI 1 for standard stuff and HDMI 2 for “PQ” and forcing HDMI 2 to “PQ” in the Gamma setting. I have managed to get 4k stuff down to 1.5GB/hour in very acceptable quality, also they seem to play back on non 4K tv’s ok through CE at 1080p. This means I wont need both 1080p and 4K versions of the same content.