HiFi Shields with Odroid C4


Does CoreELEC 9.2.2 support HardKernel’s HiFi Shield (and HiFi Shield+) with the Odroid C4?

Booting up, I only see the following 4 options (under either aplay -l on the command line or in the gui for audio choices):

  • card 0: AMLAUGESOUND [AML-AUGESOUND], device 0: SPDIF-B-dummy dummy-0 []
  • card 0: AMLAUGESOUND [AML-AUGESOUND], device 1: TDM-B-T9015-audio-hifi T9015-audio-hifi-1 []
  • card 0: AMLAUGESOUND [AML-AUGESOUND], device 2: SPDIF-dummy dummy-2 []
  • card 0: AMLAUGESOUND [AML-AUGESOUND], device 3: TDM-C-dummy dummy-3 []

Looking at


implies that both are compatible with the C4, but the C4 install directions given require one to edit the Device Tree.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

[edit: wording]

Support for the HiFi Shields has not been added yet.