Hifiberry + Le Potato + Coreelec

Hey guys,
I recently purchased a Le Potato board, I’m just waiting for it to arrive tough. I’m thinking of adding a HIFIBERRY DIGI+ PRO breakout board to it. My question is, would this board work with Coreelec out of the box or would I need to install/configure this myself?

Kind regards, Ronald

No the GPIO pinout is different for a start on LePotato.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for your reply. That’s too bad, after searching online I couldn’t find much about the subject but from what I found I figured them to be compatible to one another.
However I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject so I take your word for it.
Thanks again. Cheers,

I have a VIM2 which has I2S output GPIO’s.I have attached a Mamboberry to it and it simply worked out of the box without any special configuration.

So if you have pins dedicated to the I2S standard then you can use the Mamboberry.

I also have a RSPI2 and have a cheap Chinese clone of the HIFI berry attached to it but it needed a special module loaded, but after that it workied just fine.


You could probably make it work by using jumper wires to the correct pins on LePotato but I’m unsure whether it would also require kernel changes as well, I’m not familiar with the product to give an exact answer, sorry.

We have OpenVFD working on LePotato though so anything is possible.

Yep both of mine are hard wired with soldered on jumper leads.