High CPU usage by banned Addons

I asked you which addon did you use. And you answer

And now you are showing video using CE backup tool.

Also every log you posted was not clean but it had bunch of addons installed. Probably questionable ones like NarcacistWizard which is also on banned list: Official:Forum rules/Banned add-ons - Official Kodi Wiki

So you are on your own.

i dont have this issue on N2+ !

@Zuma as vpeter pointed out you use a banned addon, stop spamming the thread and find the solution by yourself. Thank you!

i try 19.5 nightly build = same issue

Now, i try old build (CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.8-Generic) & (aml_autoscript+ cfgload+config.ini) from ng-amlogic 19.4 = working ok, no issue!

So I think there is a problem with 19.4 for (S905D)

Fresh install with ZERO addons installed, copy a large file and see what the results are.

Then add ONLY the backup addon, repeat the above and additionally carry out a backup.

If you also have a power consumption monitor device, check to see that you are getting a consistent flow of power.

i do that
clean install & No Add Any Addon
then i try copy file backup via ftp = i cont copy! system stop and reboot again!
then i try copy file to usb and try restore from USB= system stop and reboot again!
and i change adaptor power = same issue

i dont have any issue with CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.8-Generic

Awesome, that’s about 1/10th of what is required to troubleshoot a problem.

Where are the logs we have been asking for, in the format specified in the document, not some manual copy/paste with half the information removed.

How do you expect others to help you, if you refuse to cooperate?

You know what, you’re on your own. Figure it out yourself. I’m done wasting my valuable time on you.

sorry for all team
Maybe I didn’t understand, maybe I didn’t know how to explain the problem to you, and it seems that I was annoying you,

fixed by go clean install with “19.3” and stop auto update to “19.4”

you can remove this topic

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