HK Odroid N2+ new metallic case


Don’t know about you, I just saw this KKSB N2+ case.

Pro:- looks hotter than the previous metalic case old N2+ case

  • power button (don’t know if needs activation in config)
  • temps under 40 C (active cooling)

Cons: 80 mm fan, could be noisy

P.S.: Not affiliated with them no personal gain from this post, I just like better their cases instead of those plastic stuff from HK.

It all comes down to personal preference and taste. It looks nice and like a quality product, but I wouldn’t spend any extra money on it. The Odroid case may be plastic, but it’s cheap and functional. 40C is not hard to achieve on an N2 without active cooling with the original case, because the heatsink is completely exposed rather than being enclosed inside of a box requiring active cooling.

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As another alternative, I opted to pay the extra $10 for the vesa mount. The N2+ is strapped to the back of my TV so I never have to worry about how comely the case is.

Do you rely on CEC for the inputs or RF remote like Minix A2 Lite?

I personally use CEC, but RF control could be done through creative soldering or GPIO, Id imagine.

Nice case but the fan isn’t needed

Nice looking case. Personally, i really do not want any active cooling, using this one myself. Excellent housing,ordered from Sweden :wink:

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