Homatics Box R 4K Plus

sadly not specific to this device :frowning:
but there are generics in the wiki.

If you have made the USB with CE on it plug it into the USB of the box. (i use the usb3 port)
Than push a pin into the reset port until you feel it is pressed.
While pressed plug in power and wait until you see the CE logo. (you have to wait really long if you let go too soon youll get into androidtv recovery ^^ )

ok, thank you. I will receive my box today and will try to install CE that way. Which is the right image?


or this


.tar = Update
.gz = burn it to USB stick

me again…

I have tried to boot CE from USB, but it dind’t work.

I created an USB Stick with Etcher (latest nightly) an put it USB3

pressed the reset button while connecting to power, kept pressing it. It shows a message that if I want to go to recovery mode, I have to press the reset button again, but I keep pressing it. The there comes a message “USB burning Mode” and the android symbol. After that the screen turns black and nothing happens. If I keep pressing, the box restarts after a while an same thing again. No CE symbol or anything

You copied sc2_s905x4_sei_smb_280.dtb as dtb.img?

is it possible to use the nokia remote within CE? If yes, what do I need to install?

and of course use general guide for setting the remote


OK, thank you very much!

I just tested some DV movies and the box runs perfect so far with CE!


It’s probably worth mentioning (and probably obvious) that if like me you still like and use the old Microsoft mce remote and IR infrared receiver that they work absolutely fine with the Homatics

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Dear all Homatics/Dune/Rocktek R 4K Plus/Nokia 8010 users.

@vpeter was able to identify the reason about loading the DV module of the new firmware v11.8.5310 or newer. Also we were able to solve the freeze of CE when open a h265 media file.

But the reason what cause the DV module not be able to be loaded did break compatibility between the different Android versions.

This does mean tomorrow nightly 20230628 is the last update fully support h265 and DV for devices with firmware before v11.8.5310.

The next nightly update 20230629 will fully support h265 and DV for devices with firmware since v11.8.5310 and forward.

So do not update CE as long you did not upgrade Android firmware to ensure best support of all media types!

What will happen if CE is upgraded but Android not?

You will loose DV support and it will be displayed in HDR only. Downgrade CE or upgrade Android firmware fix this again.


Nice … Thanks a lot…
CE team rulez …

I never booted to android,

Only been using on Usb CE

New versions will they work older firmware ?

Ok so just update Android and keep updating CE there on…

Just checked and my Homatics isn’t showing the 11.8.5310 update as being available. I guess I’ll switch off CE auto updates.

it is downloaded and i clicked “no” on install
but it installed automatically after reboot.

how can i tell CE nightlys not to update automatically?

I’d agree, I think auto download of nightly should be disabled for now.

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You think nightly builds are only for Homatics? :slight_smile:

All users should be on 28/06 nightly. After that, users with current firmware from homatics (not beta) can go to CoreELEC settings and turn update to manual. You may receive notifications but that’s it.
We hope Homatics will launch OTA update soon. Rocktek users already have the update and for Nokia we don’t really know where they are. Being all the same SEI board they all should be updated in the coming days.
If anyone updates by mistake to future nightlies we’ll provide the link to 28/06 nightly.

So, is there currently a version of CE that works fine with android version newer than v11.8.5310, on Homatics boxes? Keeping DV playback and everything.
In other words - are there any drawbacks of updating android, together with CE?

Also, has anyone with a Dune box upgraded to new android? :slight_smile:

The changes will be in tomorrow’s nightly. You can update in the order you want. You may need to hold the reset button again after android update.


Thanks, by the way - I if you store changelogs for the nightlies somewhere, it would be cool to be able to see them in CE ui, for example with a separate button in the dialog where we choose whether to restart and update CE immediately.
Not everyone are reading the forums, I guess. Not saying that they are less responsible to know what they are installing on their devices, especially when they are using nighlies.

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