Homatics Box R 4K Plus

Is it a non-standard interface (serial TS + I2C, or SPI - like the Pi TV Hat - for example) or is it USB2?

USB Type C

Custom Android dvb interface might be in the dtb which may or may not translate to Linux without vendor support.

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Could someone from the CE team chime in on this? It sounds like this is happening to multiple people now.

The folks here are only going to provide support/discussion around CoreELEC and not Android or the Dune-specific Interface. I also think everyone here would agree with me that you should avoid using both for anything other than grabbing firmware updates for the device if/when required.

With that said, optimal settings in CoreELEC are going to vary depending on the equipment you have it hooked up to. I know enough about your personal setup that I’ll message you off to the side with recommended settings.

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And what happens if you shutdown or reboot device?

And what king of device is that? Any link?
You can use Android app Reboot.to.LibreELEC.

Did they give a date when it might start upgrading again? I checked yesterday and still no upgrade offered.


The problem seems to be solved so it may resume shortly.

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Sorry just saw your posts and kindly do send me settings on side
I bought this box mainly both as streaming and causally watching bd movies at least until it is rock solid media player
But I see weird bugs like unable to switch and engage proper dv , hdr in various apps
Is there a way to go back and try different / previous fw ?

@amitanubha if you’re wanting to discuss the device’s functionality under Android then this isn’t the place for that. This thread/forum is purely related to CoreELEC on these devices.

A lot of Android related stuff seems to be discussed over on the official Homatics Telegram.

Separately, people mostly seem to be discussing the Dune Media Center app over here on AVSForum.

There’s also a separate general discussion on AVSForum covering everything about these devices (Android, CoreELEC, Dune Media Center, Streaming, hardware, etc).

Today I got automatic updates from coreelec nightlife’s i.e. from 13/7 and seems it broke DV for me, I m getting pink screen . I m on dune box with 5310 fw

Interesting. I can’t tell if it was Coreelec or the Homatics update, but something broke DVR10+ for me. Only HDR10 plays, even though I have DV turned off.

Broken how?

HDR10+ won’t play anymore. It just does HDR10.

Not sure if it matters, but it’s the Dune version of the box. I don’t use the Dune app.

I did some trials and seems conversion to profile 8.1 option in player is what gave me pink lines or pinkish tone
But if I changed it to minimal el it works ? Is it due to my sample demo file being coded certain way ? Or is something else broken in my settings ?
Btw other issue is once I turn off using my tv remote and turn on it comes back in coreelec but it shows it in suspended state and never comes out , and if I do cold boot then it goes into android tv mode
Is it me having these issue as I don’t see anyone else reporting any of above issue
Thanks for your support and helping me out

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Check your system and settings, working fine here with 13/07 nightly.

Please follow the guide when request more help:

Thanks, I will do that. If it works for you, then it should work for me as well. For now I am going to spend more time troubleshooting on my own before asking for detailed help.

Still no update available for me for some reason so DV still broken.

If it’s a Homatics box just email them your serial number.

I already asked my Homatics contact about this. She will request to resume the updates, so let’s see what will happen coming week (it was again on hold, now because of problems with DVB and that V5310 build).