Homatics Box R 4K Plus

Quite right - poor choice of words. I meant to imply they have the same ICs.

Speed of usb to install CE is not so important.
It does install something on the box or does it only boot from the usb drive ?

Im not sure about that, but i think add-on, skin will store in usb.

The Rocktek G2 thread is closed but I just installed a firmware update and it now is
5.4.210-ab6261 release-ekeys on Android 11 (v11.8.6261) . adb reboot update worked fine and no problems so far.

Is there a change log for these updates?

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Is it possible to run amlogic-ng on these S905X4-K devices instead of amlogic-ne?

Why would one prefer ne over ng?

I’m mostly asking about this due to the impending update from @cpm that will likely enable True TV-led support on devices that can run ng.


No matter if I enable or disable player Led in the CE settings, the output seems to remain the exact same. Also in the output menu during playback.

Is there a DoVi test clip to use if the RPU is actually even being applied on the Homatics? My TV switches to DoVi mode but any of those test clips I’ve tried (linked in the thread with cpm’s patch tests), are just static when played back. No changes in the display brightness etc. so I was thinking that maybe the output is just static metadata.

Hello, where to get v5554 firmware for Nokia 8010?
Currently I have SW version v11.8.5310

I don’t know of test clips for looking at DV TV-led. The best way to test these things is with external equipment like DMDreview does.

There’s a lot of DV developments going on in the forum, I’d just hold tight, give the devs time to work things through and wait for any new announcements.

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You have to wait for cpm tv-led fixes to merged into the 5.4 kernel.


DMDreview suggested this video to check for TV-led L8 100-600nits Trims P8 4-steps TEST (881 nits).mp4 - Google Drive

Since our devices are only cmv2.9, there should be no changes on the video if it’s fake tv-led.

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5554 will bring you nothing compared to 5310. The latest V11 build for the SEI804 series was 6261. You can contact Streamview if they have and share an update with you.

Am I right in thinking that FEL support is unlikely on the Homatics unlike the am6 etc?

FEL not supported in hardware.

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Every time I turn on all my devices (LG B2, JBL 9.1 soundbar and Nokia 8010) and Nokia 8010 is being powered up from being completely off with a power saving power rail, HDMI ARC doesn’t seem to work as there is no sound in Kodi until I reboot it again. Are there some known handshake HDMI audio issues? Any ideas how to fix the issue? Running Omega RC1.

It works when Nokia HDMI is connected directly to the soundbar, but not when connected to the TV and using eARC.


I have the same issue. Anyone found a solution for it?

I have my Gt King II connected to the saundbara via eARCH via TV and everything works properly.
Tv: TCL 55C745
Saundbar: TCL 81232

I have similar problems.

Sold JBL and change to Samsung soundbar

No problems since

LG C9 - Homatics + Samsung 990b

i have AVR Pioneer & same issue …