Homatics Box R 4K Plus

Everything was backported to CE20,so you won’t lose anything .
And i can confirm that CE 20 amlogic-ne works just fine ,including DolbyVision .


Is there a way to downgrade without losing everything? I have four of these and it’ll be a decent amount of work if I need to set them all back up from scratch.

Also, do we have an estimate on how long it’ll take for CE21 to get back to the level of stability it was at previously?

i wonder that too

i also have to check up on the ffmpeg problems.
At the moment i did not notice any on my installs

I downgraded without losing anything

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Just copy the update file of chosen version to the update folder and reboot.

As for when things may be fixed, I think the devs have already said it’s a Kodi issue, so ask those devs.

Are you actually having problems?

Just the inability to resume some movies and audio occasionally not working which requires rebooting the device.

Is it ok to downgrade to Nexus on devices that can’t be upgraded to the 5310 firmware yet? I have a Nokia device which hasn’t received 5310 yet.

Is there a reason why the Homatics R 4K Plus isn’t listed under supported devices? In the Dolby Vision announcement thread it says that Homatics helped with the DV implementation. Since on the supported devices page it says “Supported Devices are devices on which the development of CoreELEC is supported by the manufacturer” shouldn’t the box be on that list?

In our main page you can see Homatics as an official supporter. The wiki needs an update and that will be dealt with in the next few weeks.


Which file did you pick, the one 20.2 I have has no DV support!

You have a Nokia 8010 you wrote? That still is behind with OS updates. Ask Streamview when to expect that update to V5310?

As Mark5546 wrote, I have the same interest in the link for the valid Nexus variant (20.2 / 20.3?) for the Dune box, which supports Dolby Vision.

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Unfortunately there’s no version of Nexus with support for DV devices with older firmware. Please try to have an update contacting your vendor. We only have contact with Homatics and Dune and they both are updating. We didn’t have an answer from the Nokia folks about support.

PS - replied to the wrong user but I’ll keep the info here.

I am using a Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus (black) since 04.2023 and have installed the latest firmware for the Android box.

If your firmware is >=5310 you can use latest nightly.

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thank you for the information (:
can you maybe link to the github issue or forums ?

i tried to find “the issue” with ffmpeg you mentioned on github and their forums but i could not figure out which of them is affecting all versions.

im quite interested in the cause of the problem and why it apparently has a regression to omega.
Only big ffmpeg change i could find was a clean-up in their latest omega release from June 17/18 o.o

Take a look at the closed issues. You’ll find one there that was closed without being solved.

The main problem is it isn’t even an acknowledged problem PVR recordings issues with Omega · Issue #23199 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub It is marked as PVR recordings but no doubt affects many thing. I am pretty sure vorbis audio playback is broken because of this too.

I have built CE with some of the changes being discussed and resume works again so the fault is major.

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The bad thing from my POV is that there are serious issues and silently ignored. If the ffmpeg library was bumped by someone it is responsible from the same guy to fix any issues because of that. Or at least be proactive. But the answer is just

That’s alpha baby

Not very professional.

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