Homatics Box R 4K Plus

thank you for the link (:
i saw that but indeed did not pick it up as such a blocker.
But sure thin sync issues after skipping is a big problem.

cant add to that statements :frowning:

So basically this kodi issue could be fixed if they “just” upgrade their ffmpeg? o.o
it does indeed look like a daunting task to fix this o.o
i have huge respect for all party involved. Hope team kodi can learn sth for the future (:

In many ways the problem is historical. The ffmpeg v4 code that Kodi was using was never meant to be used by applications in the first place. As a result when ffmpeg removed it in v5 Kodi wasn’t prepared and the method used to replace it for Omega wasn’t correct but it was still merged.

Thanks to @popcornmix for taking this on. It will be nice to see ffmpeg 6 working in Kodi. I am not sure what new legacy issues from ffmpeg v4 @Portisch is referring to in Nexus hopefully these are addressed.


I’m booting to a black screen after CoreElec splash screen today. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? SSH is enabled and I can hear navigation sounds when pressing the remote. Version is latest nightly CE 20

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sadly i wont find much time this weekend :frowning:
but i have made a quick and dirty run for a 1st post draft based on pretoriano80s work:

if you have any suggestions please post them in the linked thread so we can work towards a nice 1st post for this thread <3

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Hmmm… When the team kodi closed this issue without solve, in the omega, thats mean we would need live with that? Nexus is ready for 7 month, no development there, just few month and omega will be come, as “stable”.

I’m sure all the issues will be fixed. But don’t forget: Omega will come stable at the end of 2024 (still more than 1 year need to pass).

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Ok, I see yet, as emveepee posted, the ffmpeg6 issue under discussion in other issue, and the case still open there and active…

Does coreelec support auto framerate on this box

Yes it does

I’ve been running the most recent nightlies on my 4K+, and for the past couple days have been having odd issues with the whole box just outright locking up - once while playing a video, and several times after stopping a video and just navigating. The box gets very slow and laggy, then just hangs. Once it reloaded CE on its own.

Is this the issue being talked about here? Is it necessary to downgrade to 20, or could I just put an older 21 nightly on, maybe from July?

I’ve seen the same problem on mine since getting it with CE21 and CE20 since downgrading so it’s obviously something I’ve installed but never been able to pin down the cause. Tailing the kodi.log doesn’t offer any obvious answers either as nothing is written to the log that’s out of the ordinary (and nothing at all while it’s hung).

Ugh. Just downgraded, so I hope not. Thing is I have VERY FEW addons. So unless it’s “library auto updater” or “extended info” or “up next” or… uh… a scraper? YouTube? Multiweather? I have no idea what it could be.

Dear Coreelec Team,
i founded some interesting issue (bug). Im using the Homatics Box R 4K Plus box, and because of subtitle im using the < algorithmdirtyregions>0< /algorithmdirtyregions> settings in advancedsettings.xml.
I discovered this settings cause microstutters with contents 1080p 25fps x264. I didn’t notice that with other video types yet.
Without this settings returns back the stutters with subtitles, but the video not stutters in this case.
I’ve tested with the old firmware with CE21, and now with new firmware (5310) with CE21 and CE20.
It is not “lifesaver”, but if you have time check this issue, many thanks for that!
Thanks for your hard work again!

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Although I can see there is a 2 year period between major versions, looking at the time from Alpha 1 to release is generally between 6-11 months (based on the previous 3 Kodi releases).
Since Omega Alpha 1 came out in 25 April 2023, should we not be expecting Omega release around Jan/Feb 2024 or is there something I don’t know about Omega?

Every release takes around 2 years if I see correctly here: https://kodi.wiki/view/Releases

yes, I do agree with that. I’m probably just surprised that Alpha has been released early.

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Hi, I have problem with no audio at all when AVR is switch off during boot. Setup is Homatic → AVR → TV. When AVR is off (just pass signal to/from homatics, there is no sound after each reset, video is fine, cec works) - http://ix.io/4CX9 (i turned AVR on before uploading the log via corelelec menu, but of course so still no sound from CE).

If I restarted homatics with AVR on, then audio work’s. http://ix.io/4CXa.

I had same problem on nightly omega (I didn’t know what was the reason), so I used old generic s905x3 box (with old CE18) in mean time. After fresh install nightly CE20 I accidentally restarted with avr on/off. On today`s nightly it’s same. It’s new installation from image and settings is default.

If I connect Homatics to tv there is always sound (I don’t turn off / suspend homatics, it’s still on).

Any ideas? Anything I could test. Thank you very much

edit: the sound work’s after I boot with AVR on and swicth it off later
edit2 dmesg:

To be fair, I’ve noticed that when the power glitches and the Homatics and TV boot up at the same time, I basically get no picture or anything until I reboot the Homatics again. Just something I’ve been ignoring :slight_smile: