Homatics Box R Lite 4K

i am trying to find a method to launch coreelec on this tv box device.
if anyone know can help me:
Manufacturer​: SEI Robotics
SoC: Amlogic S905Y4
GPU: ARM Mali-G31 MP2
2GB RAM - Storage 8GB
Only 2 USB 2.0 ports, No hard key to reset and no memory card slot

i tried using reboot.to.LibreELEC apk ,
When I open the app and select reboot to libreELEC , the device doesn’t reboot

And what happens if you run the app and then reboot Android? With USB stick attached with correct dtb.

SEI Robotics make many devices which don’t support CE TiVo, ONN, Chromecast come quickly to mind. You are also hijacking this thread.

Thats not Homatics box R 4k plus. Wrong topic.

Correct. maybe i was wrong
My machine is this.
Sorry for mistakes

That is not the 4K Plus with the S905X-4k not sure if it can boot CE.

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We can check with Homatics if there is support or not. As it’s a different SoC than the Plus version it will require another DT.

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First tests show that the Homatics R Lite 4k boots normally using s4_s905y4_2g dtb. The device has a reset button and a USB stick was used. microSD booting is till untested. Wifi and bluetooth will need some work and aren’t working at the moment.


s4_s905y4_2g dtb working with Homatics Dongle G 4K , bluetooth remote BT21 also working but it need to add hwdb


this hwdb is different than the default one in repo files (changed p0006 to p0019) without this change the OK(enter) button not working

Wifi scanned when changed regulatory domain to global but cant connect > and now not showing any wifi networks its weird

I will add this remote to a file.
Is this some variant of B21 remote?

A bit late, sorry, but yes it is. It has a “person” button, located left from microphone button. Homatics users that have this remote (only came with Dongle 4k that has Google TV on it), have the problem that the shortcuts (Netflix etc.), don’t work. I tested that with that remote, and indeed, didn’t work.

So it is another variant for the B21 (and B25) remote; Future Google TV devices may include a User Profile button on their remote | AFTVnews