Homatics moan around thread


You know exactly what is missing and what would benefit to other users.

The problem of a Wiki is that nobody will read it like the posts in forum. Asking is just more comfortable than searching the correct answers.

Please all stay on topic or we need to split it.


if that is the case than i dont understand why the replys are so angry and annoyed :frowning:

anyway i think updating the 1st post with at least an FAQ or the most answered topics is a good idea so vpeter has to get loud every few awnsers <3

Then write what was missing when you got here and I will move to first post. In a form to just do copy/paste/move.

And I’m making answers to get higher post counter :rofl:

I’m confused by this announcement :point_up:
What is the “issue”?
What action should we be taking if our devices are fully updated?


The restructure announcement was poorly written/confusing. Telling people to RTFM does not improve the conversation.

And what exactly do you want to know? We can debate if it can be read differently or not but we’re just wasting more time.

thank you that is a well written and understandable summery (:

To criticism is easy without a sample text to make it better…

Read the forum and you find multiple places everywhere where all is described. People just ask before read.

“These changes are valid if you have a CoreELEC installation last updated before 28.07.2023”

Comment: This is apparently not accurate because in this thread and others, the guidance is for everyone to downgrade to CoreELEC 20.

Dear all, we did run into some issues with the current Kodi Omega. Right now it is not recommended to use Kodi Omega as a daily used device. We hope these issues are solved soon by Team Kodi but there is no timeline yet.
This forced us to rework current CoreELEC device structure including the backport of Dolby Vision to Kodi Nexus. Right now Dolby Vision was only be available for CoreELEC-21 Kodi Omega.

Suggested edits:
"Dear all, we ran into some issue with Kodi Omega, CoreELEC versions [insert affected version numbers]. Right now it is not recommended to use these versions as a daily driver. We hope these issues are solved soon by Team Kodi but there is no timeline yet.

We have reworked the current CoreELEC device structure and enabled Dolby Vision support for CoreELEC [insert version number here]. Prior to this rework, Dolby Vision was available only on CoreELEC-21 Kodi Omega.

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And you’ve decided to join last week just to make a line by line analysis of that announcement. Curious hobby.

Portisch asked for a sample of how to make it better.

What’s with the hostile attitude? DS_DV asked a question that was unclearly answered in the announcement and the response was “read the f***ing manual”. Then I gave some suggested edits at Portisch’s request and you’re apparently upset now. This is pretty unprofessional behavior, to say the least.

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You’re right, we’re not professionals, maybe that’s the reason. We’ve mentioned time and again that and some seem to always behave like paying costumers.
We try to treat everyone fairly, we honestly do, but in this thread there are (or were) many examples of people behaving like paying costumers not users.
We’re a community, we want everyone to feel welcome, so please try to keep that in mind when you’re posting something.

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Thx, I will edit it tomorrow.

This isn’t full correct. CE-20 did support this device before, but without DV. Only CE-21 did.
So if that a CE-20 version before this date it’s recommend to update as the version before DV was not available. And this must be manual as there is no auto update for this type of change.

The part about RTFM is as when you link it multiple times and still get same questions already answered multiple times the people just should start to read the f**** information.

CoreELEC is free open source and nobody is forced to use it. And we devs aren’t forced to help anyone or anybody.


that is sad and not fair.
i don’t have a solution for that :frowning:

i doubt anyone is questioning that <3

most certainly!

But its also the other way around. Only because some don’t have the time / or want to read FAQs or missed a part of the threat its not fair to treat every user the same (:

(at least for me) striving for good/professional communication is not exclusive to a for profit organisation.

At the end i assume ppl like electrobento frodo19 pretoriano80 etc also want only the best for the community (:

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CoreELEC is a non profit organization and will keep following this rule. We do all this work, and it’s a lot for multiple team members, for free in our free time for users. Just because we like to. There is no contract or any other agreement to anybody and if we want we can also shut down the project from one day to the next.

It’s only about be hit and criticism and questions every time about the same for what? That we should spend even more free time in a free open source project to write everything 100 times till dawn?
And continue next day?

Before this happen the project will be stopped and devs will quit, for sure.

It sound a bit “asshole” but if users loose respect about the project and it’s team members we also loose, already low, motivation to continue at all.

We are less than a handful of team members handling >15k daily CoreELEC users. So it’s not that we are just sit back and do nothing for users, using the open source project.

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I hope this just stops but don’t put pretoriano80 and frodo19 in the same bag as others. They are really constructive wether they’re “celebrating” some improvement or pointing out some bug. Let’s end this here.


sorry i don’t get it…
The whole point as i keep repeating is to support the project.
The whole point of good communication is that less questions are asked. Or more efficiently answered (eg liking to a FAQ answer) so you have more effective time for the “fun parts”.

Being annoyed by answering the same question time after time is understandable. But also a sign to add an FAQ :wink: Otherwise the annoyed attitude might drive folks away who like to help.

Again as example (me) … i tried to understand what was going on look for opportunity to help and improve bot now get finaly frustrated and give up since i feel like the help is not wanted.

If CoreElec will be shut down due to users asking to many questions it would be a shame.

But threatening the user base with shutting down the project from one day to the next is really questionable in my book. i always think of such a step as a last resort.

Anyway - i don’t want to invest my time into a project which might be shut down the next day because of such a thing.

I wish you all the best (and probably only come back for bug reports)

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“…if we want we can also shut down the project from one day to the next.
It is very sad.
I don’t know what happened in the past period, but there are very drastic changes.
At the beginning of this “alpha 21 DV” version, users doubted whether it was a good idea to go into a fully alpha system, because there could be many bugs in this initial phase.
But we really longed for DV. So that was very tempting.
Besides, you convinced us that this is the right direction. A trust was formed.
Now it turns out it doesn’t work. You indicated the exact opposite direction. Go back because this is too alpha.
But a concrete and precise explanation is lacking.
What, when, why is it not working well?
There are several of us who have been using it for months without any problems. At least we think so.
But now came the uncertainty.
Is it really wrong? Am I the only one who doesn’t notice? What am I not noticing? If I don’t notice, why should I backtrack? Do I really need to back off?
It is much more authentic to communicate that those who experience this and this error step back. Anyone who is not affected or does not experience this problem can continue to use it.
A precise description would be good for this alone.
Nevertheless, all my respect and thanks for your work.