Home Automation + CoreEelec + Plex

So i’m still new to CoreELEC and Kodi, i’m also very new to home automation.

I got a simple google home and amazon dot to play around with. The biggest reason I have not purchased a lot of stuff, is the fact that I want it to integrate properly to my Plex server.

I’m just curious if anyone has any-information or has done this before? I found flextv, which will interface between google/alexa and your plex server. However, currently the only thing I have to test with is a chromecast built into my A/V Receiver. The issue with this is that I have very high quality files (4K HDR and TrueHD passthrough). So I want to retain these and play them through my Odroid-N2 instead.

Since flextv can do the interfacing with plex, I just need to make sure the odroid can also be “seen” as a tv to cast video to from plex. This is where I’m confused… is it something CoreELEC needs to be setup with, then Plex inherits it, or could I use CoreELEC and then mount the files directly from the server and set it up as the client, or is it something that the Plex Add On needs to be able to cast video to that client?

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!

Just my two cents on this since I use a Plex + Kodi Setup too:

  • Plex on Server/NAS
  • CoreELEC + PlexKodiConnect (with direct paths properly configured), so you have Kodi interface + addons with Plex as metadata + art provider and you are able to passthrough everything via HDMI to your AVR.
  • It should be possible to control Kodi with Alexa by using kanzi (source) or its dockerized version on your server and connect it to your CoreELEC - never tested it though

If you need help setting up PlexKodiCOnnect (PKC) feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the input, I found this flextv: https://github.com/d8ahazard/FlexTV

Update in case anyone finds this. I ended up using Google Home instead of Alexa. I found this on github and it works pretty well!

This guy has an awesome write up and documentation on setup. It works pretty well, I have 2 Odroid N2’s, and can play movies through voice commands from plexkodiconnect add on. It can handle multiple rooms, and with the broker setup… there is LOTS of different commands you can pass through from “shuffle” or “play latest episode” etc… nice to start a movie while your making dinner etc…

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A little lost!
Maybe because of the language!
Is there a video?
You can help with this!