Hoping someone could help me to edit the keyboard.xml file to get rid of the Fullscreen toggle

This is an infuriating problem with probably a simple solution, but I’m new to CE. I’m also a windows guy, I mean I can type commands into a terminal, but I don’t have any linux machines set up right now, hopefully don’t need to. Anyway, the problem is that cursed backslash key that toggles fullscreen. It is impossible to disable in CoreELEC using any method I can think of. In Leia, the keyboard.xml file in /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/ sets it, and nothing on any other accessable part of the system will change that. Try it; put a custom keymap in /userdata/keymaps, and nothing you do will disable that bloody backslash key. I tried using keymap editor in Kodi to change it, no dice, I know now it’s because of the RO file in the kodi system folder.

tl,dr; I need to edit the keyboard.xml file in /usr/share/kodi/keymaps to comment out the backslash/fullscreen toggle line. I can’t find any way to do that other than ssh, which I will do, but only if there’s no other way. Help me please, I love CoreELEC so far (it turned my buggy, bloated TX92 into an awesome 4K Kodi box) but every time I accidentally hit that backslash and it knocks it into 1080… (if you use a KB with Kodi, you must know what I mean)

Open ssh session and type this 2 commands

cp /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml

sed -i "s|<backslash>ToggleFullScreen</backslash>|<backslash>noop</backslash>|g" /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml

Reboot the device and try if key was removed.

I had write access to the userdata folder all along, all I had to do was put that cryptic “noop” thing in an xml file? OMG, I’ve been fighting this thing all day, going insane tryng to figure it out. Thank you for telling me how to FINALLY get rid of that annoying FS toggle! (I just transferred over an edited copy via samba, and it worked)

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Cool :slight_smile:

Now that you know how to handle file there I think it is enough only this content


which only redefines backslash key.

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