Hotel login - web viewer failed to install

So, I’m stuck.

Staying the week at a shore rental with wifi that requires a web login (password and accept services).

I thought I could install web viewer from the add-ons (after lots of searching), but the installation fails.

I’m running 9.2.4 on an Amlogic chip via a microSD Card.

The computer I brought with me does NOT have a microSD card reader (I could get one at Staples if it will allow me to fix the problem).

Thoughts and help?


You can’t install any GUI addons (such as web browsers\viewer?) on CE.

Installing links or lynx (text-based browser) via entware might do it in some cases. Curl could also be used to post form information but it requires a bit more advanced knowledge / fiddling.

Web Viewer is supposed to be a text based web viewer (no graphics).

Any other thoughts here?


Maybe create a hotspot with the CE box, connect to your CE box with your laptop and use your laptop to do the web login.

I think @Rascal’s idea is good. You should be able to install lynx on CE.

I see you run CE from SD card, so I guess that means you can still boot from internal to Android, right? Then you could also connect to the Wi-Fi in Android and then reboot to CE. The hotel Wi-Fi should remember the MAC address for a while and allow your box to reconnect without the login prompt. Just putting some options out there so you can find something that works for you.

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