How can I increase free memory can you do it with the sd card?

How can I increase free memory can you do it with the sd card? I am running a Minix U1 and after running a while the free memory fills and requires a reboot to clean up. It would be great to use the space on the sd card since there is 32b sitting there.


What exactly did you mean by free memory? Did you mean clear the unused RAM? If so, then you can execute echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches from your root shell prompt to clear some unused RAM.

My Linux desktop computer which only has 4 GB RAM quickly fills up its RAM and starts using swapped space when running multiple sessions of Google Chrome. So, I wrote the following simple shell scripts and execute it on a root shell just to clear some buffer and/or unused RAM when it starts using swapped space. The swapoff -av and swapon -av just to ensure the swapped space gets cleared before the buffer memory and unused RAM get cleared.

swapoff -av
swapon -av
echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

This is not NORMAL using CoreELEC.
You have a Memory Leak Problem.
Be careful what addons you have installed.
Not saying this is the cause but you need to post logs.

SSH into your CoreELEC machine and enter the following command:

For a Kodi.log

paste /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

For a system log (dmesg)

dmesg | paste

You will get a URL back.
Post URL as a reply .

So there is no way to use the extra space for video buffering and thumbnails?
Is there a way to make all data reside on the SD card?

I have over 120 shows as well as movies that I watch so I would believe there is a lot going on.

Everything is cached to/saved on the SD card already.

I suspect Crunch69 might mean storage space. Not memory

if that is the case, I would use gparted to expand it, or perhaps some else can suggest a ssh command