How can i mount shares to /mnt

hey all, sorry if this is in the wrong area but i dont think there is an area specifically for this type of issue.

Note: I have radarr and sonarr running on it so cant just add it in kodi because it cant see it
I Also Tried Samba this works, but crashes after a while… i have no idea why it just
works fine for a few days then locks the entire system out where a reboot is required.
(it also leaves .fuse files all over the drive)

Basically i have a fairly big (like 20 hard drives networked) collection of movies and tv shows with all the tv shows linked to /mnt/1TB2/TV and movies linked to /mnt/1TB2/Movies however when i try to mount using sftp (installed from network tools addon) it wont let me and will only let me mount under the /storage dir (which i understand is because it is read only file system to stop users from making big mistakes and requesting support)

so my question is can i make some sort of blank /mnt folder to mount things the same way as the source or do i have to go drive to drive manually linking all source files and folders (so that the collection is correctly listed).

(I don’t know if this will actually work, just spitballing)

Why not mount to /storage and create a symbolic link on boot up using

I’m a bit confused what you’re trying to do here. But that said, both Kodi can be setup to do path substitution within advancedsettings.xml:

I will give the a try, the path substitution only allows it to be used inside of kodi itself (either that or my sonarr and radarr addons are broken and cant see it).

its because the symbolic links are all pointing to /mnt/Drivename/TV/TVshow/whatever instead of /storage/etc so when it sees a link it throws it as a file that is not accessible because of this.

i will post back after trying the symbolic link first. thanks for the help.

So could you explain step by step what’s happening here?

How are the directories on the drive set up? “/[Drive]/TV Shows”
What apps need to connect to that data?

Are Sonarr and Radarr also running on your CoreELEC machine, or on another?
(Both can change root path for all files relatively easily)