How can I stream music from my phone to my AV Receiver through Bluetooth on CoreElec on my Odroid N2+?


I own an Odroid N2+ with CoreElec as my HTPC for my home theater, it is linked to a Pioneer VSX-527-K, linked to a BenQ W1090 projector.

I would simply like to be able to stream audio from my mobile with Bluetooth to my AV receiver. But it does not have Bluetooth feature (not without a 150€ dongle).

My Odroid howerver, can do Bluetooth perfecly. I have a small bluetooth dongle on it, and it works perfectly if I want to stream FROM the Odroid TO my Bluetooth headset. The CoreElec menu is perfect for that.

But now, I would like to do it the other way. I would like my Odroid to act as Bluetooth receiver, and send the audio through HDMI PCM to the AV ReceiveR.

But I didn’t find how to do this. I succeeded to connect my phone to the Odroid through Bluetooth, and I my phone says the bluetooth device is audio-capable and can receive audio. But if I do, I hear nothing. My AV Receiver doesn’t receive the music through HDMI. I conclude that there is something to do on the Odroid, but I didn’t find what.

Is it even possible ? Could someone help me for that ? Thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day.

Do you get any sound from 3.5mm analog audio output on your N2+ ?

I’m not sure if I understood correctly your question. If it is:

  • Do you hear the sound (of a movie played on the Odroid for example) if you plug in a headset into the 3.5mm output ? (3.5 as output) The answer is yes.
  • Do you hear the sound on your AV receiver if you plug in your phone and play music with it ? (3.5mm as input) The answer is no.

Do you think the issue to use 3.5mm as an input is linked to my issue to use bluetooth as an input ? It’s true that both work perfectly as output though. Is there a way to make one or the other work as an input ?

My question is clear to me: Do you get any sound from 3.5mm analog audio output on your N2+? No mention of any AV receiver, only N2+, and 3.5mm jack on N2+ is ONLY output; it cannot be used as an input in any way.

You say that over 3.5mm N2+ jack you can hear sound when playing a movie, but can you hear anything on the same jack when N2+ is used as a Bluetooth receiver?
What driver have you set in Audio Settings for the audio output in that case?

Oh sorry, my english is not very good that’s why it seemed unclear to me. I didn’t try listening to the jack output when my phone is connected, I’ll try that right now. (Normally, my driver output in audio setting is set to HDMI Multi ch PCM)

Try different output drivers for 3.5mm analog output…

Hi again,

I just tried sending music through Bluetooth and listening the jack output of my Odroid.

I have no music coming from the jack output.

When the driver is set to “Analog PCM”, I hear in my jack output the sound coming from the Odroid like the UI sounds and the movie playing (that’s logical), but I don’t hear the music coming from Bluetooth from my phone.

When the driver is set to any other options, I don’t hear anything coming from the output. Including when it’s set to pulse audio Bluetooth (which is logical again,I’m trying to use Bluetooth as an input,not as an output).

Well, I have never tried Bluetooth as you are trying to use it, so can’t give you any further advice…

I searched again today and found this:
And I found that just by entering the command “pactl load-module module-udev-detect” into my SSH, it works ! I can hear on my AV Receiver the music from my phone !

So this is the right way. The problem that I have is that as soon as I move in the menus on CoreELEC, the streaming breaks, and no longer works (that’s probably because of the menu sounds). and if I try to execute the command again, it says that the module failed to load. The only way is a full restart of the Odroid.

There is definitely bugs, but “pactl” is where my solution is.

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