How do I know that there are support for gigabit port?

Hi guys. I will purchase another box. I am chosing between H96 Pro and Tanix TX92. Both are very affordable and both come with Amlogic S912 chipset and gigabitport.
Prior to purchasing, I checked the compatibility with CoreElec, and used the terrific guide on the landing page. However, I didn’t feel confident enought that the specific device tree files are supporting gbit ports.
On some device trees, there are a suffix, “1gbit”, implicating that this specific device tree supports gigabit ports. The device tree for the mentioned boxes didn’t have that suffix, can I draw the conclusion that these device trees do not support gigabit ports, or was the device tree named differently?

Thanks in advance

Wrong conclusion. Use the dtb listed in the download helper for your box and don’t worry about support.
If your box has gigabit port then CE supports it.

Thanks @Pelican! Well, it wasn’t really a conclusion, it was a question if one could draw such conclusion. :slight_smile:
I agree, I would like to let the Download Helper fix that, but since the naming conventions was a bit different, I thought it was a valid question.

Thanks for your response!

Boxes with one name, like my X92, have 2 versions with differenet boards. Since one (older) board version has 100Mb ethernet and newer has 1Gb ethernet there are 2 different dtb files for same box name.

Okay, yeah, that makes sense!